What is vTiger?

Ever since 2004, the vTiger CRM app has grown into one of the most widespread Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms obtainable. It’s available at zero cost, plus, it’s translated in over 15 languages and also has iOS and Android applications, that allow you to coordinate every little thing from your smartphone or tablet.

The vTiger CRM platform is designed to enable you to handle every little thing with regards to your company from a single location. It is the central hub for your goods and inventory, it will support you with your marketing efforts, it will help you get in contact with customers, it will make reports, etc. Best of all – it will automatise all those things for you, so that you do not have to do them manually continuously, saving you precious time.

vTiger is a trademark of Vtiger Systems India Private Limited and shares no connection with scottish hosting.

vTiger–Optimized Linux Cloud Packages Services

If you wish to automatise your business with the invaluable help of the vTiger CRM application, the earlier you arrange every little thing, the better. At scottish hosting we provide automatic vTiger installment and configuration with all of the vTiger Linux cloud packages services. You will get a Linux cloud packages account that has a 99.9% service uptime back warranty plus a free of cost domain name registration for your site.

Also, our vTiger Linux cloud packages accounts have got unlimited disk space, limitless data traffic and unrestricted MySQL storage. At scottish hosting, we offer frequent automatic backups for your site as well as your databases, and you will in addition set up an automatic Dropbox backup. Our support can be found 24x7 and if you’re unsatisfied with the service, you can have a full refund within the first 30 days.

A Point & Click Hosting Control Panel

For all of our vTiger Linux cloud packages packs, we have launched a new control panel interface, developed by us to correspond to the needs of our customers as well as to work properly with the highly customized Linux cloud packages platform. Owing to this, scottish hosting’s Hosting Control Panel functions more rapidly and it’s also safer when compared with all the other hosting control panels.

In our control panel you will find lots of complimentary software instruments and bonuses that can help you for your website. You will be able to use the Web Stats tool, that starts operating the instant your web site is on the Internet, zero setup necessary. Feel free to use the Sitemap generator for you to easily get a brand new sitemap for your site with simply a click. Feel free to use the array of Site Accelerator Tools to tremendously boost your site.